From the heights of the heavens to the underworld depths, we’ve gathered a collection worthy of the gods themselves.

Myths and Legends

The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1: The Faust Act

The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1: The Faust Act

Usually fame comes in fifteen-minute increments, but for the gods, it’s two years. Two years of pop star adoration, hiding in plain sight before worshipping fans, and then back into the grave to wait for a new century. At least, that was the plan back before the killing began, and the Pantheon had to start wondering just how long any of them would get in the spotlight.

Fables Vol. 1

Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile

The NYPD investigates thousands of disappearances every year, knowing that some of them won’t ever be solved. For B. Wolf, Sheriff of New York’s Fabletown, he’s only got one disappearance on his plate, but it’s a case he can’t afford not to close. Rose Red has gone missing, leaving behind a trail of blood and chaos, and Wolf will turn Fabletown upside down to find out why.



Saved from the frost by wild spirits, betrayed and exiled by a romantic rival, destined to defeat the tyrant shuttering the town of Grimsvig against Yuletide cheer . . . Klaus has his work cut out for him. Santa is here to see the children get their toys, and he’s not about to let stone walls, war hounds, or the city watch get in his way.


Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection Vol. 1

A wonderfully complex anthology of stories from a diverse group of indigenous North American creators, Moonshot blends traditional storytelling, fiction and mythology, and lived experience into a truly unique comic experience. From the poetry of the silent to tales of the scattering of the stars and the voyages between them, this work is a rare gift to comic fans of all kinds.

More Myths and Legends

Mythic - Phil Hester and John McCrea - Image Comics
The Collected Beowulf
Incredible Hercules: Assault on New Olympus - Grek Pak, Fred Van Lente and Rodney Buchemi
Wonder Woman: The True Amazon - Jill Thompson
Heathen - Natasha Alterici

Fan Favorite Myths and Legends

Wayward Vol. 1: String Theory - Image Comics

Wayward Vol. 1: String Theory

The old myths of Tokyo are rough on newcomers, and Rori Lane is as new as it gets. A strange face with strange powers, she might just make Tokyo home if she can survive the welcome.

Thor: The Trials of Loki - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Sebastian Fiumara

Thor: The Trials of Loki

The only thing harder than figuring out which parts of this tragic Loki origin story are lies and which parts are true is figuring out who Loki is lying to: the reader . . . or himself?

Red Thorn Vol. 1: Glasgow Kiss - David Baillie and Meghan Hetrick

Red Thorn (2015-2016) Vol. 1: Glasgow Kiss

Scotland's streets haven't felt the footsteps of gods in centuries, but Thorn is out to change that, and if the wily demigod has his way, these new footsteps will leave bloody prints.